The Q Standards

A quality standard in any company is of the utmost importance and law firms are no different in this regard. A quality standard ensures not only that a firm has the correct policies and procedures in place, but also independently verifies this to ensure that the interests of the clients of the firm are in the best possible hands.

Achieving a quality standard sends out very positive messages to the clients of the firm, employees of the firm, insurers and regulatory bodies amongst others, and provides peace of mind to the partners as they are reassured in the knowledge that policies and procedures are updated and then verified annually.

The ability to attract new business is dramatically enhanced in many areas including tendering, where accreditation is very favourably looked upon.  Accredited firms benefit from increased client retention rates, improved employee productivity, less complaints and Law Society disciplinary matters, better awareness of current risks including cyber threats and they tend to renew their professional indemnity insurance on better terms.
The Legal Quality Standard of Ireland is the home of the Q Standard, designed specifically for Irish Law Firms. It is the only Irish legal quality standard and has been designed by Irish lawyers for Irish lawyers. We have Q standards customised to suit firms of all sizes.

The Q1000

The Q1000 is a standard of practice, risk and quality management designed specifically by the LQSI and suitable only for sole practitioners who are starting to implement basic risk management procedures and who have not been accredited previously.
Sole practitioners who have a good level of risk management already in place should apply for the Q3000.
The Q1000 is a simple introductory standard that focuses on the following sixteen core areas of risk and quality management.

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The Q3000

The Q3000 is the entry level risk and practice management standard for solicitors’ firms. It is most suitable for firms of 2 – 10 solicitors or for sole practitioners with previous accreditation or with risk management procedures in place.
The Q3000 Standard provides assurance to clients that their firm complies with best practice standards. Firms with the Q3000 accreditation have been independently audited and rank among the highest quality law firms in Ireland.

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The Q6000

The Q6000 is an advanced practice, risk and quality management standard awarded to solicitors’ firms which have demonstrated exceptional levels of client, practice and risk management.
It is suitable for firms of all sizes who have good risk and quality procedures in place or who have previous accreditation to the Q1000 or the Q3000.
The Q6000 Standard provides assurance to clients that their firm not just observes but exceeds best practice standards.

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The Q9000

The Q9000 is suitable for elite law firms who have an exceptional risk and quality procedures in place and who have achieved high scores in the Q6000 Standard.
Firms with the Q9000 accreditation have been independently audited and rank among the highest quality law firms in Ireland. These firms observe the highest standards in client and file management, regulatory compliance and claim management and have advanced procedures in the areas of practice management, systems management, and financial management. They also demonstrate leadership in the development and implementation of innovative and strategic legal services.

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