The Q6000 Quality Standard

The Q6000 is an advanced practice, risk and quality management standard awarded to solicitors’ firms which have demonstrated exceptional levels of client, practice and risk management.
It is suitable for firms of all sizes who have good risk and quality procedures in place or who have previous accreditation to the Q1000 or the Q3000.
The Q6000 Standard provides assurance to clients that their firm not just observes but exceeds best practice standards.
Firms with the Q6000 accreditation have been independently audited and rank among the highest quality law firms in Ireland. These firms comply with both the Q3000 standards in client and file management, regulatory compliance and claim management and in addition, they have implemented advanced procedures in the areas of practice management, systems management and financial management.

Area Covered

The Q6000 Standard incorporates the modules in the Q3000:
Client Management
File Management
Regulatory and Claims Management
IT Security & GDPR
and adds three extra modules which are:
Practice Management
Systems Management
Financial Management.
It monitors the following risk management areas:
Critical Dates
File Review procedures
Complaints procedures
File Opening procedures
File Maintenance procedures
Conflict checking procedures
Anti-money laundering procedures
Engagement procedures
Terms and conditions of business
S.150 compliance
Financial procedures
File Closing procedures
Wills and Deeds Registers
Claims and Regulatory history register
Risk manager policy
Partnership procedures
Supervision procedures
Training and CPD
Systems and Workflows
Office Procedures Manual
IT & Email procedures
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Confidentiality policy
Computerised Case Management and Accounting Systems
Financial Management