Risk Management & Quality Standard for the Irish Legal Profession.

Independent Legal Support Services

What we do


We analyse firms current risk management processes to see what improvements can be made.


We provide template policies which are updated on an ongoing basis..


We assist firms and help them to develop a risk management strategy suitable to the size and firm type.


We carry out annual quality standard (Q standard) audits which provides firms with gold, silver or bronze level accreditation.


Our Members area is available to current accredited clients as well as firms who pay an annual fee and offers ongoing support and updates


We arrange free Webinars and provide certified hours of CPD Videos online.

What is the Q Standard?

A quality standard in any company is of the utmost importance and law firms are no different in this regard. A quality standard ensures not only that a firm has the correct policies and procedures in place, but also independently verifies this to ensure that the interests of the clients of the firm are in the best possible hands.


Choosing the right Q Standard

There are four levels of the Q Standard, Q1000, Q3000, Q6000 and Q9000.
Each level builds on the preceding one, so that firms can progress through the levels at their own pace.

Client Testimonials

“Orpen Franks have worked with Julie Brennan and ILRS* over the past decade. We have worked with the Q6000 accreditation. This has been a very interesting and worthwhile process for everyone in the firm. It has helped us assess and evaluate our standards, practices and processes across every area of the firm’s business.  Julie and the team have worked with us in improving and formalising our policies and procedures and ensuring that we have clarity on the standards to be obtained and maintained. This has seen an appreciation from staff and clients alike and has afforded all the stakeholders in the firm with great reassurance and peace of mind. Julie will challenge you, lead you and assist you in getting the best out of your firm and for your firm. A key partner for the success of any professional practice”

Peter Walsh

Managing Partner
Orpen Franks Solicitors

*The LQSI was formerly known as the ILRS

“Risk management and quality assurance are vital in ensuring that we provide our clients with the highest standards of excellence. Since 2012, we have been independently audited by the Institute of Legal Research and Standards who conduct an annual audit to verify adherence to the quality management policies and procedures that we have in place. With the invaluable support, advice and recommendations from ILRS’s Managing Director, Julie Brennan, we have achieved the Q9000 Gold Standard for seven consecutive years. Not only do ILRS conduct an annual independent audit, they also provide policies and procedures to ensure our risk management practices are as up to date as possible. The Q9000 Gold Standard accreditation from ILRS ensures that we meet our compliance and regulatory obligations and that our clients have the utmost confidence that we are committed to providing them with the highest level of legal services”.

John O’Connor

Managing Partner O’Connor Solicitors

*The Legal Quality Standard of Ireland was formerly known as the Institute of legal Research and Standards.